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Huawei is going to trademark Hongming operating system !!

Huawei was listed blacklist by Trump Government last month. As a result, one of the US companies began to shut down their business with Huawei. And since that time, Huawei also announced the launch of their new operating system. And now the news from the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPA) has revealed that Huawei is applying for a Hongmong Trademark license in other major countries except the United States. The company wants to release the Hong Kong operating system as a trademark operating system in different countries. In Canada, Cambodia, South Korea and New Zealand, Huawei has been asked to apply in this regard. Also recently reported on 27th May that the company has submitted an application for a trademark license to the Peruvian government.

After being banned, Huawei's CEO Richard Wu said he had an alternative to the United States. US sanctions will not have any effect on them. Researchers are anticipating Huawei will give an appropriate response to the US sanctions through their operating system. It is clear that Huawei has many plans with this operating system. And if you get a trademark license, anyone can use this operating system of Huawei for laptops, robots and other gadgets as well as smartphones. Although the world's second largest smartphone maker still has not said anything about this operating system. And they have not agreed to comment anymore.

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