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Android stronger than Hong Meng?

Hong Meng is coming to the market within the next few months. Huawei brings the new operating system to the market to reduce the dominance of the Android market and to respond to the American government. According to the Global Times Huawei is conducting many experiments with their new operating system. They are experimenting with their native internet operators and other smartphone maker organizations. And it is hoped that within the next few months, Huawei will bring this operating system to the market. Through a statement published in the Global Times, it is also known that many Chinese companies including Tencent, Shawomie, Oppo, Vivo are working together with Huawei. They are cooperating with Huawei so that the company can open Hong Kong operating system very quickly.

The new operating system is said to be open with Huawei's Met 30 mobile market. However, the alternative of P40 is being heard as an alternative. Although no announcement was made about this from Huawei. Richard O, head of Huawei's smartphone business, claims that their new operating system will work more than 60 percent faster than Google's Android. Although this claim could not be proved yet. If this claim is proven true, then Android's dominance in the market will be greatly reduced.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg said that both Google and Apple companies have started production of products outside China as a substitute for the US government's sanctions. Google has removed some of its servers from China, Apple also said they have options for China. Manufacturing company Foxcon said that if China and US take the technical battle more severely, they need the ability to produce iPhone outside China without the help of China.

But obviously, this new operating system is very fast for the market without Huawei. To keep the users in their hands and maintain their successful position in the market, Huawei will soon have to bring Hong Kong to the market.

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