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Which phone does not match the WhatsApp app

The WhatsApp app updated their "Support for Operating System" page information. In the next update, the names of the ones that are not available in the next update have been omitted. As a result, the WhatsApp app will not run on those specific OS-powered phones.

First of all, it will affect the entire Windows operating system. Because the next update was excluded from the name of the mobile phone operated on the Windows operating system. From the month of February 2020, the Android version 2.3.7 powered phones will not be available on the WhatsApp app. iOS7 powered iPhones do not run WhatsApp apps at the same time. Among the Apple devices, the iPhone 3GS, the BlackBerry OS and the BlackBerry 10 operating system, the WhatsApp app support has been discontinued.

The new Kios 2.5.1+, Geo Phone and Geo Phone 2 have been added to the WhatsApp App Support list.
The WhatsApp app warns OS users who have been canceled from their support list. Moreover, old phone users will not be able to share chat history anymore.

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