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The next iPhone's camera leaked information

photo credit : 9to5mac

A person named Mark Gurman released the image above on his Twitter page. An online company called Enicus says it is going to bring 3 flagship phones this year, while Apple has a camera bump. One of them is the iPhone XR, so there are 2 cameras. Based on the information about these new leaked models of iPhone, the case makers have already started working to build the case of Keys manufacturers. Until now the information gathered may not be fully informed about the design, width, height or thickness of the phone, but the useful information for making the phone case is handy in hand. This means that the designers of the important parts of the speakers, cameras, buttons, microphones etc. are in the hands of designers.

photo credit : 9to5mac

The iPhone 11's leaked information has been reviewed to see that the cameras bump across the back of the handset is in the camera. The cameras, flash and microphones in the bump are connected in such a way that its logic is less apparent. The first ever online company to mention the camera bump is the iPhone. They are saying that Apple can only explain the design of the camera bump. However, it may be thought that the Ultra Wide Lens made by Sony's inclusion in the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Max.

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