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Microsoft is now trillion dollar company

Microsoft turns out to be a trillion dollar market value as the third company in history In the third quarter of the year, the company exceeds the milestone in terms of huge price hike in the stock market. This is the third trillion-dollar club in the world after Apple and Amazon as the third company in Microsoft, including Microsoft.

Microsoft's market value has increased mainly due to cloud service growth. The software maker has been insisting on the cloud content business over the past few years, and reducing the ambition of the Amazon Web Service is their current goal. Microsoft Azure is currently in the cloud service, Amazon is ahead of the AWS, which is ahead of Google.

The results of Microsoft's latest earnings show that they are trading in three main sectors, and each quarter has gained equal profit over the quarter (about 30% in each).
• Office, LinkedIn and Dynamics = $
10.10 billion Revenue • AZURE Cloud, Server and Enterprise Service = $ 9.7 billion Revenue
• Windows, Exx and Surface = $ 10.7 Billion Revenue
Microsoft's chief marketing officer Chris Caposellela said that investors are not satisfied with the success, but investors are not satisfied with this success. Their eyes are far-reaching.

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