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Huawei sanctions ban on both countries: China

China demands withdrawal of wrong decision against Huawei According to Reuters, China has said that if the US wants to continue business negotiations with China, then the US government will have to withdraw the wrong action against Huawei. And Huawei has to be removed from the black list.

Huawei is currently the world's largest telecom product dealer and second largest mobile phone dealer. In addition to Google, the British company ARM has stopped business with Huawei following the US sanctions. ARM supplied Huawei with a mobile phone chip.

China's Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Phang said in his weekly statement that if the United States has to maintain their business relations, then they will have to withdraw the ban on Huawei. He also said that the discussion can only be done on the basis of mutual respect and reconciliation. So he urged the US government to immediately withdraw their ban. He warned the United States that China will keep an eye on things very well and take necessary measures.

The United States accused Huawei of working for the Chinese government. They also complain against Huawei for working against data trafficking and national security. And on the basis of these allegations, Huawei has been blacklisted. But Huawei denied these allegations. Trump government later relaxed Huawei's penalties in the face of pressure, and currently offers temporary license for Huawei for 3 months.

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompe also told CNBC in an interview that Huawei is lying. They are certainly working with the Chinese government. Then he told Huawei CEO, "Huawei CEO is not only hiding the truth to the people of the whole world but not only to American citizens." He warned other American companies and said Huawei had business security risks. Japan's company Toshiba said after initial closure they again sent some invoices for Huawei.

Huawei founder Ren Zengfai gave an interview to the current situation in China, an economical journal of gyxin. He said the ARM company's decision will not have any impact on his company. He also said that Huawei had a long-term deal with ARM company, but they made such a decision in the middle of the contract. He also said that Huawei is ready to face any situation.

After 10th of May, there was no commercial negotiation between China and the United States. In that discussion, the Trump Government has announced a tariff increase on Chinese products worth nearly $ 200 billion and strict surveillance has been done to import other Chinese products. China and the United States have responded to this decision, and announced the increase in import duty on US products. But after the ban on Huawei, the trade and trade of China and the United States took a new look.

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