Letest Update

Android pi update will get Samsung galaxy J4, J4 + and J6 +

Samsung has the fastest running Android update for customers The company has chosen two low-budget galaxies J4 + and Galaxy J6 + to take the Pie version. The Galaxy J4 update is being updated in Panamá, Galaxy J4 + Vietnam, Thailand and Ukraine. And the Galaxy J6 + is being updated in Germany, Iraq and India.

One UI of the Android Pie Edition galaxy gives the phone a whole new look. Developing one hand, this interface has all the important information in front of you, which will give all the benefits to the phone users. Apart from this, there are many new features and benefits. Last updated with this Android update, the security patch April-019 It is worth noting that Samsung will not be able to update Android handsets very quickly. However, the idea is that soon Samsung will bring more updates to their software version with a look at the game.

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