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Sony told details of Play Station Five !

PlayStation Five will be coming as soon as the eligible descendant of Sony Play Station 4. It will be the third generation of Risen processor, which is eight core and AMD's 7 Nano meter Zen2 architecture. The new console has a custom RADON Navy graphics variant, so it will support up to 8 resolutions and its photocopying will be even more perfect.

There will also be a Superfast SSD storage, which is a new addition to the next generation. This SSD is different from normal magnetic storage. For example, on behalf of the company it is reported that in the Spider Man game, each travel sequence was loaded, which took 15 seconds, while the development cost of PS5 took less than 1 second.

Sony's next console is based on the architecture of the PS4, so it is known from some unsupported sources that it will support previous versions. It will also support other media files, but if it is downloaded file. Although there is no change in audio over PS3 and PS4, it will give users a different level of 3D audio. Although Sony has indicated that PS5 may come in 2019, it may actually wait for the 2020 to arrive in the market.

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